Digital Communication Audits

Digital Communication Audit imageThe field of online communication is new and fast-changing. A Digital Communication Audit helps you keep pace by benchmarking the performance of your online media activities and providing your staff with a detailed blueprint for the future.

Your Digital Communication Audit will begin with creation of a communication matrix. Building from your strategic plans, or sitting together in focused discovery sessions, Sustainable Digital will look in turn at your:

  • Institutional goals
  • Communication strategy for achieving these goals
  • Target audiences
  • Messages for each audience
  • Communication channels to reach each audience

With these elements clarified and documented, Sustainable Digital will prepare a detailed analysis of each of your digital communication activities.


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Each audit will review the following elements of your communication plan:

Website design:

  • Quality of design
  • Responsiveness for mobile devices
  • Match between design and organizational branding

Website content:

  • Correct message for the right audience?
  • Quality of writing, photography, graphics


  • Frequency and quality check
  • Match between post topics and goals
  • Promotion of blog posts beyond one’s own website
  • Guest blogging

Search engine optimization:

  • Website ranking in search engines
  • How site is found by users
  • User of keywords on site
  • Incoming links to website

Search engine advertising:

  • Use of free Google AdWords
  • Other online advertising


  • Distribution lists, design, content, and linking to website


  • Review of engagement strategy
  • Frequency, content and quality of posts
  • Appropriateness of messages for Facebook users (B2C)


  • Review of staff profiles
  • Quality of “company” page
  • Frequency, content and quality of posts (B2B)
  • Participation in Groups


  • Frequency, content and quality of Tweets
  • Review of strategy to build followers
  • Hashtag use and strategy

Other social media channels:

  • Use of Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and others

Donor cultivation materials:

  • Online materials for major donors

Project communication:

  • Use of communication within projects to achieve goals



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